My Role: Visual Designer, 3D Generalist     Agency: Luxurious Animals     Sponsor: Lufthansa 
"As the key technology partner for the 2010 Esquire House, Luxurious Animals conceived and executed a room-sized interactive installation for sponsor, Lufthansa. Our installation, Dream of Flight, is a simulated flying experience we created using gesture recognition and augmented reality technology.
After Luxurious Animals met with Esquire, the two companies made an immediate connection. Esquire was impressed with our capabilities to fuse technology with creativity. So, they gave us the challenge of designing a media room in the next Esquire House, and we were chosen as the main technology partner for the $18 million dollar home. Lufthansa became the sponsor of the media room and we aimed our project towards a flight-themed installation."

Developers:   Asa Alger, Rob Walch, & 
Justin Schrader
Art Director:   Cathy Davenport
Creative Director:   Garret Nantz

– Drafts Of Visual Concepts –
– Planning & Sketching of 3D Islands –
– UV Mapping & Painting –

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