My Role: Design Lead & Art Director  Agency: Blippar

The Challenge:  Even though we have honed our AR workflow process over the years and have examples to show given clients, mostly all agency's still take on a wild west approach to these type of projects. Probably a similar effect as to explaining one responsive design ten years ago. No matter how many demos or examples we have showed, the client needs help with visualization by leveraging assets that may or may exist. In my pitch decks for investors or a new proposal, we needed an efficient method to show AR.

The Solution: Understanding that they themselves are also taking a huge risk in investing in this project, sometimes we have to go above and beyond to show them the light at the end of the tunnel. Even though that's the case, it's impossible to show "simple" demo custom to their brand/project for every single pitch. So this is where going back to low sketches, storyboards and illustrations really help in a fast working environment. With this method we can push the idea as far as we wanted to give the client insights as to what's possible. It is also frustrating for the designer who has the concept and UX in their mind, but not having the capability to illustrate it themselves clearly. Here is where having a talented illustrator on your team that you can communicate with easily is sorely needed.

Reflection: These ideas were celebrated but sent to the graveyard regardless, at least they were mainly due to budget constraints or lack of assets, something out of our control. Dealing with these pitches, I have realized the client/agency usually underestimates what is needed for an AR campaign to flourish, even a basic one. 

Illustrator: Joann Kang

– Beauty and the Beast - Emma Watson Belle Doll Concept Pitch –
For this project dealing with a standable box packaging you can approach it with 2 options either with it lying down or standing up. This will require depend on the user research and testing the product itself which is the most optimal outcome. For this instance we choose the packaging to stand up and tied in the experience with the existing artwork on the back. Making the transition smoother and more "realistic" to the human eye.
 Mrs. Freshly’s & Final Fantasy XIV Blippar Concept Pitch
This was a more difficult campaign on trying to deliver a fun experience on not the most optimal packaging. Which proves you have to have the best object/package to tie with the AR, which requires a lot of tracker testing before you can even start the design. With this we tried to move forward with another type of AR that is stuck to the screen but can still move in the 3D space since the package itself had many faults as to why it could not be used for AR.
– Target Patio Augmented Reality Concept Design –
Printed materials are what I find the best trackers for an AR experience. They are flat, no wrinkles, and the imagery is unique on the page with little white space (usually). Kind of like the installation they have in the store front windows, what more engaging way is there then seeing mini rooms come to life as you pick and choose. 
– Children Games, Augmented Reality Concept Design –
This was definitely a fun challenge and the most exciting pitch I was happy to take creative lead on. When the marker is a unique shape, so much testing as to be done beforehand even before you even start forming an idea. AR is not ideally good with tight deadlines since there is more happening than say a website. Also working with brands that deal with a younger audience are a lot more forgiving when it comes to being creative and outside the "box".  ( Thank goodness for COPPA!) 
– Game Character Augmented Reality Concept Design –
Of course what augmented reality i think is meant for: the gaming industry.  Easiest way to apply AR or VR. Its no wonder games are leading the way on its use since they have all the assets to begin with already and have a better understanding of spatial awareness. 
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