My Role: Art Director       AR Company: Blippar      Event: NY Comic Con
This internal campaign was birthed by our mutual love of all things that is Comic Con. Since advertising can be somewhat limiting due to short timelines and budgets surrounding a brand's campaign, we wanted to create an immersive AR project that can showcase not only our creativity but push the boundaries on the level of interactions and 3D within an AR scene. We distributed AR postcards to artists and companies alike throughout the convention. 
The Challenge
We wanted to show off an innovated but invigorating concept that will not only show a taste of the possibilities with augmented reality but also show off its capabilities in a smooth functionally demonstration that can be adaptable for gamers and artists alike. Similar to an elevator pitch, we needed some short and sweet to attract our audience in the midst the chaos that is Comic Con. 
The Solution
Dancing around the standard tight deadlines to make this project possible in the middle of other client work, I not only directed the interactions and themes but also manage expectations and overall scheduling. We decided to show short themes that can both please a gamer with 3D elements and traditional/comic artists with flat objects. This was to convey how their own works of arts can become portable or even improved upon that they can show to other fans or even potential clients. Even though I was all for a non-mobile UI approach, through field testing at the convention it was discovered that it was more intuitive for a couple functions to be accessible on the screen since some people new to AR were having a harder time keeping the "scene" tracked to the postcards. 
Designer/3D Generalist: Joann Kang
Illustrator (for flower side): Kriti Kaur
Developers: Eric Kollegger, Mike Burnett, Hermes Frangoudis & Tanner Lancaster
– Warning: Introvert GIFs ahead! (may take a second to appear) ––

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