My Role: Art Director, Lead Designer    Agency: Blippar   Client: Dr. Pepper
Blippar partnered with Dr. Pepper to activate an augmented reality campaign promoting the 2016 "Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice" movie. More than 107 million bottles with 3-step CTAs on pack were expected to have been distributed. The experience includes unlocking the interactive campaign by blipping the bottle in order to access an exclusive Batman v. Superman digital comic by D.C comics, take super-hero selfies, watch trailers, and earn a $5 movie ticket discount! The objective was to drive purchase of any 16oz Dr. Pepper bottles in order to facilitate brand engagement and affinity.
Creative Director: Brian Morales
Developers: Hermes Frangoudis, Patrick Hiller
Lead 3D Generalist / Animator:  Allan Tagino
Junior 3D Generalist / Animator:  Dominik Koscinski 
QA:  Tanner Lancaster
Project Manager: Samer Bibi
– Campaign PR on the Dr. Pepper Homepage –

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