My Role: Lead Designer/Art Director   Client: General Mills & D.C Comics    Agency: Ultra
We had a great opportunity to work closely with the Ultra agency in helping to shape the back panels on General Mills cereal boxes for an augmented reality experience. For this short campaign, both the exclusive comic inside and the movie focuses on Batman and Superman rescuing kids and other people from harm's way. This plays perfectly into the premise of both the back panel and the Blippar experience. Even with the interactive quiz made up of simple mechanics, augmenting the cereal packaging into a 3D city adds an entertainment factor that works immensely for this younger target audience. AR campaign was present across all 5 General Mill cereals: Cocoa Puffs, Honey Nut Cheerios, Trix, Lucky Charms, and Golden Grahams.

Lead Developer: Hermes Frangoudis
3d Generalist / Designer: JoAnn Kang
Creative Director: Brian Morales
" Classes to dictate behavior of models (more of an object-oriented programming approach), Loaded all text dynamically on models, and relied heavily on 3D to build models/textures/animation paths (compacting textures, so multiple models used the same texture file with different UV's, full animation paths were built in 3D and used code to break them into multiple animations and used logic to play animations based on in-game variables) "
– Sketches and Workflow Process –
– Game Progression –
– Two Player Game –
– Question Section –
– Results Screen –
– Notification If Product Has Arrived In-Stores Before Live Date –

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